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hello friends! Do you like music? Do you like new content? Do you like supporting small time artists? Well if you do, you can now join the Dream Magic fan club for a very low price! 75% off discounts on all future merch, exclusive fan-club only releases, exclusive music and materials, and all kinds of special rewards await! Even get a chance to be part of the band!

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  • For $5.55/year, you get everything above.
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  • For $9.66/year, you get everything above, plus:
    Be credited as an executive producer on all future releases, and get back stage at any Dream Magic shows for the rest of your life.
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  • For $100/year, you get everything above, plus:
    You will receive a permanent spot in the band! Play shows with us, write songs with us, come on tour, or just tell your mom you're in a band. (We'll also make your fantroll canon)
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Dream Magic
Chicago, Illinois
midwestern witch cult drone pop collective

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