Cherry Tree / Shimmer, Part 2

by Dream Magic

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A non-album Single + B Side to tide you all over until Dec 21st! Dedicated to all my dear friends who are the most wonderful and supportive people I could ask for in my life.

There's lots of cool stuff in the works. To stay updated, like us on facebook! We've got a video coming out 9/13 courtesy of a very special guest. We're very excited about that.


released September 4, 2015

All songs composed and performed by Claire LaFleur. Album art is from a royalty free image gallery.



all rights reserved


Dream Magic Chicago, Illinois

midwestern witch cult drone pop collective

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Track Name: Cherry Tree
I fell so far and fast I lost my breath
but the branches broke my fall
and blossoms crowded 'round the cuts on me
and my head swam with pictures of the thaw
I got caught high up above the ground
so far from you I couldn't see
sunlight washes over my face
and I am too warm
too warm to breathe
The pink and white cascade
the harsh yet supple bark surrounding me
and I still can't see
and I told you I was stuck but really
I didn't want to come down
even when the blossoms fell in autumn's arms
I didn't want to come down
I didn't want you to see
And when I disappear
you'll disappear too
and nothing but the skeletal remains
will be seen until my heart starts beating
Track Name: Shimmer, Part 2
I could swear I heard your voice
as the clouds rolled in down from the hills
and the rain began to fall
and flood the shed out behind the house
and the ghosts are gone
I drove them out
my vomit sits
inside my mouth
and the weeds I once consumed
are all thrown away with the wind
and the feelings I couldn't comprehend
I just let them go
and I let you go
with all the ghosts
and all the snow
the attic's closed
and I could swear you heard my voice
even though I don't call your name
and the thunder claps in reply
to the spirits that keep you safe
and now I'm gone
and now you know
the shimmer shines
deep in my soul
and even though
you cannot see
I'll let you know
that I am free
The flowing words inside my head
have frozen over in the cold
and I can think again
about what I really need
and the weeds are dead
the shed is gone
I'm in my head
and now I'm not
and I sing sweet
and I sing true
and whatever's left
is not for you
And I could swear I heard your voice
as the shimmer ran right through my ears
and I could swear I heard your voice
but I pretended that I couldn't hear.